The fgn GmbH was founded in August, 2000 as a Technical University Kaiserslautern-SpinOff. The founders, formerly freelancers and TU alumni, were active in Network Consulting and Training since 1989 respectively 1996. The majority of our staff were previously employed as student assistants to maintain and operate the university network. The fgn GmbH still enjoys close contact with the Regional University Computer Center Kaiserslautern (RHRK), which is responsible for the University`s network.
The fgn GmbH´s core competence is sophisticated network know-how. This know-how is the foundation for Live-Networking, Training and Workshops.
Live-Networking is the solving of local network problems, restructuring and upgrading production networks as well as planning and implementing new ones. Server-support and -operation are also integral components of live networking. A typical example is the installation and operation of monitoring and reporting tools for approximately 10,000 active network components and 30,000 services for Lufthansa-Systems AG or the installation in process of a broadband infrastructure in rural Rhineland Palatinate, in cooperation with PfalzConnect GmbH.
  The fgn GmbH also offers partner certified Training as well as customer defined Workshops such as MPLS, Metro Ethernet or BGP workshops for Ericsson, Telekom Austria, Bank National Paris (London) and the Metro Group (Düsseldorf) only to name a few.